About us


Polmet Display sp. z o.o. is a company which has been operating for several years and was created for the need of the growing market and demand for the services related to the manufacturing of materials supporting sales.


We design, create the product in a comprehensive way, manufacture materials supporting sales.

Our experience related to the metalwork allowed for the innovative approach to POS products made of metal. Our constructions performed in the beginning of the 21st century till today can be seen in the points of sale. It is a clear evidence of a good quality of the performance and popularity among traders. Introduction of further opportunities which was the plastic or wood processing allowed for creation of innovative and interesting forms which gained new advantages in their design or applicability. Presently, our projects are the result of experience in the branch and permanent striving for satisfying the changeable needs of the customer.


Increase in sale!

Purchase decisions are made in the selling points, be noticeable!


Brand positioning

Clearly visible communication stays subconsciously in the memory of the consumer for a long time.


Innovative solutions

There are no products doomed to oblivion, it’s just lack of good ideas for their apply in the sale.


New selling spot

POS solution is a mobile place for your products, set it in the way to make it the most noticeable.

The process of our actions 

The way we work and create a good team:


Here each story of our realisations begins. The customer sends us his demand in a clear or less clear way but this is our job.....


After listening to the requirements and needs of the customer, it’s time to convey it to paper and designers tend to overdo with their visions. Customers are trying hard to help and believe that everything is possible. Fortunately, the spirit of experience and realism keeps watching.




If our project is accepted, we can proceed to initial calculation of costs. The customer receives a complete image of the situation and based on this, he/she can make a decision regarding building a prototype.


Making a prototype is a stage in which the vision became a reality. Due to this we have an opportunity to see if our design is presenting well and whether all quality requirements are met.




The prototype passed the tests and the amendments have been made as well as the order has been placed. The deadlines for the delivery are established, both regarding the complete delivery as well as the partial delivery. Everything is in line with the schedule of works and with consideration of each production process separately


The last stage is supply and assembly in the destination point which was indicated by the ordering party.



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